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About Us

Studio B Architects

Based in Delhi, the Capital of India, Studio B Architects was founded by Mr. Anil Badan (Principal architect)  in the year 2003. The firm has built a reputation for interior design of premium destination hotels and resorts in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Our talented international team brings a diversity of experience in interior design, fresh perspective and originality, together with honed technical expertise and attention to detail results in exquisite interiors.

Our high professional standards, technical resourcefulness and absolute sense of commitment to individual & corporate values finds expression in our continued preference as design consultants of choice by our valued clients for years on end.
Studio B Architects invests in great people. Our design staff is organised into groups comprising of Senior Architect, Architect and Junior Architect. Senior Architects are selected based on their superior credentials and a demonstrated ability to manage and guide a team towards producing creative and innovative design with an exceptional eye for detail. The groups rely on a network of flexible support staff that move easily between groups as projects dictate. Everyone within the company is encouraged to challenge, recommend and invent. The work ethic to constantly strive for higher levels of creative splendour coupled with our ability to react to cultural differences gives us an obvious edge. Our design experts are a wealth of industry knowledge. Every effect is made by knowledgeable design team to help the client realize their design aspiration; and the result: stunning piece of creativity.

Our Ethos

The success of Studio B Architects in interior design is down to a simple philosophy; to stay loyal to the client’s brief and meet the operator’s requirements of functionality, yet at the same time create an interior that meets the highest international standards while providing a unique and memorable experience for the guest. Understanding our Clients´ positioning and precisely interpreting their unique needs is of paramount importance at the outset. Every project presents a unique opportunity to allow differentiation through the creation of a distinctive and memorable environment and experience through the delivery of an optimum solution where originality and creativity reign supreme, enabling Studio B Architects to surpass expectations in every facet of our comprehensive consultancy service.Careful consideration is given to all design elements, both great and small. By project's end a seamless integration of imaginative planning, daily interactions and communications with our clients, technical expertise and artistic vision has completely transformed the environment, resulting in the final product, the materialization of client’s original imagination.

"  We live by the highest standards of Honesty, Integrity and Transparency  "

Code of Conduct

Studio B Architects takes a strong stance on corporate social responsibility and insists on irreproachable business practice. We will never offer, promise, accept or knowingly benefit from financial inducement or favour.

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